This Rubik’s Cake Is The Most Geometrically Gorgeous Dessert You’ll See Today

Cube, meet cake.

Get In My Belly: 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 8/10

If you’re a bit of a gamer, and also really really like cake, this is for you.

Meet the Rubik’s cake. An absolutely stunning and deeply impressive geometric piece of pastry created by French chef Cedric Grolet.

Rubik’s cake

Made up of many different mini cake cubes, and some seriously drool-worthy toppings and decor, the Rubik’s cake cube comes served at the Le Dali restaurant located within the Le Meurice hotel in Paris.

Between levels of culinary perfection and totes Instagrammable bliss, the playful pastry depicts a toy many of us may be familiar with from our childhoods. Whether you want to twist it this way or turn it that way, here’s one cake that requires only one way to win.

Devour it.

Whether your prefer gold flakes as the decoration, or sprinkled pistachios as the toppings, this is definitely the most gorgeous Rubik’s cube we have ever seen. And probably the most delicious too.


All images cr: via UFunk

Who wants a bite?

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