These Scented Temporary Tattoos Are The Prettiest Way To Smell Like Summer

But um, maybe also use deodorant

Our dreams of smelling like a fresh herb garden are finally coming true. <3

The ever-trendy Tattly has released a line of scented temporary tattoos, and they’re not just pretty to look at. They smell freakin’ fantastic too.

Infused with essential oils such as thyme, rosemary, peony, rose, or sage, the delicate designs feature the plants they smell like, and look like a dream for any garden party.

French tattoo artist Vincent Jeannerot is the mastermind behind the beautiful scented temporary tattoos. The artist has been painting botanical watercolours for over thirty years now, and the beauty of his pieces truly come through in the tattoos.

But they aren’t just a treat for the eyes. They’re a treat for the nose too.

Once applied to the skin, the floral tats emit a dainty natural smell. Depending on the tattoo you choose, you’ll be a precious, walking rose/peony/sprig of thyme.

Now that bikini and backless season is getting into full swing, we couldn’t think of a better accessory.

(And for rainy summer days – we couldn’t think of a better pick-me-up.)

All images cr: Tattly

Delicate and poetic, get yours over on Tattly, and take on the summer like the floral goddess that you are.