Screw Flowers, Get Bae A Bacon Bouquet This Valentine’s Day

Wayyyyyy more delicious


Is there anything more enticing than the smell of dark pink, crispy bacon in the morning? And is there anything more romantic than when it comes in sweet, rolled up, bouquet form? 

Cr: Jonathan Boulton

For a Vday gift that will probably not last longer than roses, but definitely deliver in both appearance and surprise, the geniuses over at Delish have come up with a scrumptious alternative to the traditional rose bouquet – a bacon bouquet. 

Cr: Chelsea Lupkin

And since it’s Valentine’s Day (and on Valentine’s Day you gotta up the special), the bacon is candied for that extra flavour and finesse. 

All you’ll need is 12 artificial roses and a pair of scissors, as well as bacon, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Voila, breakfast in bed and bouquet of flowers all in one. 

Cr: Chelsea Lupkin

Whoever gets you this – you should probably marry them. (After you gobble up the bacon)

Cr: Chelsea Lupkin

It’s probably the closest in salt you’ll get to being Salt Bae this Vday. Get the instructions/recipe for love here.

And if bacon isn’t your thing – check out these stunning ice cream bouquets instead. 

h/t: Delish