You NEED To See This Selfie Nail Art โ€˜Cause It Is Absolutely Uncanny

Selfie Game Strong AF

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In this Instagram lifetime, youโ€™ve probably seen your fair share of selfies before. And scrolling through your feed, youโ€™ve probably seen your fair share of nail art before.

But actual selfie nail art?! Hold the phone.

Visual illusion artist Dain Yoon has created some very cool-looking selfie nail art, and the resemblance is, surprisingly, actually quite uncanny.

Let my hair grow here ๋จธ๋ฆฌ๊ฐ€ ์ž๋ž€๋‹ค painted all by myself @designdain

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Each of the nails feature the face (the selfie) of the young artist, yet each nail offers a unique pose. On some, Yoon has a serious expression, whereas on others, she makes something of a duck face.

As with any selfie, the artist has taken great care to not only incorporate her facial features, but also her long luscious black locks – a fake strand of which dangles from each nail like a cute little nail wig. The two sides of the wig meet a little above the top of the nail, to form what manicure-goers will recognise as a fine rounded tip.


Say hi๐Ÿ–๐Ÿป to Dain1, Dain2, Dain3, Dain4… painted all by myself @designdain ๐ŸŽจ

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Home theatre?

Demonstrated in a short video, Yoon then goes on to show that the selfie nail art can also serve as permanent finger puppets. Make them do a little dance, act out your favourite rom com, or show someone the finger (with your face on it!)โ€ฆ

Thereโ€™s something sorta Sims or Bitmoji about the whole thing, and in combination with the idea of a selfie, this is obviously the hottest beauty trend to hit millennials in weeks. From the cheeky expressions to the life-like portrayal, weโ€™re absolutely hoping this fad is here to stay. At least just a little. Until actual selfies die down.

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