You NEED To See This Selfie Nail Art ‘Cause It Is Absolutely Uncanny

Selfie Game Strong AF

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In this Instagram lifetime, you’ve probably seen your fair share of selfies before. And scrolling through your feed, you’ve probably seen your fair share of nail art before.

But actual selfie nail art?! Hold the phone.

Visual illusion artist Dain Yoon has created some very cool-looking selfie nail art, and the resemblance is, surprisingly, actually quite uncanny.


Each of the nails feature the face (the selfie) of the young artist, yet each nail offers a unique pose. On some, Yoon has a serious expression, whereas on others, she makes something of a duck face.

As with any selfie, the artist has taken great care to not only incorporate her facial features, but also her long luscious black locks – a fake strand of which dangles from each nail like a cute little nail wig. The two sides of the wig meet a little above the top of the nail, to form what manicure-goers will recognise as a fine rounded tip.


Home theatre?

Demonstrated in a short video, Yoon then goes on to show that the selfie nail art can also serve as permanent finger puppets. Make them do a little dance, act out your favourite rom com, or show someone the finger (with your face on it!)…

There’s something sorta Sims or Bitmoji about the whole thing, and in combination with the idea of a selfie, this is obviously the hottest beauty trend to hit millennials in weeks. From the cheeky expressions to the life-like portrayal, we’re absolutely hoping this fad is here to stay. At least just a little. Until actual selfies die down.

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