South Korea’s Capital Of Seoul Has The Swankiest Cinemas We’ve Ever Seen

Leather massage chairs and butler service? Don’t mind if I do. 

Take Me There: 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥 9/10

Take a look at six of the finest movie theatres in South Korea’s capital of Seoul – featuring VIP service with alllll the perks. 

  1. Tempur Cinema

Cr: Tempur Cinema

If there was ever a First Class cinema a la First Class airline, Tempur Cinema is it. The seats are actually reclining beds that lie in little cocoons ideal for a cosy viewing experience. You’ll wish the movie go on for hours as you pick little snacks (prepared by actual chefs) from your elegantly lit ‘nightstand’ and snuggle up with your beloved on what really looks like the inside of an A380 First Class. This is probably really romantic together with someone, but maybe a little daunting on your own, yet all the extra leg room definitely makes up for it.

  1. Megabox Boutique M

Cr: Megabox Boutique M via TimeOut

You know when you miss the train and it’s raining out and the streets are crowded and you only juuust make it to the movies on time? You’re panting and you’re sweating and you’re all ‘omg hope I didn’t miss anything’. Well, at Megabox Boutique M you’ll never break a sweat because you’ll be gifted with Evian water, a blanket, and indoor slippers (yup) on your arrival. Once geared with those you’ll head on over to one of the two types of theaters – Suite or Comfort. All theaters are named after hotel rooms (e.g. No. 102) and you can order “room service” throughout your viewing. Think sundaes a la Kevin MccAllister in Home Alone 2. 

  1. Cine Family

Cr: Cine Family via TimeOut

You know how when you watch MTV Cribs (if that still airs…) or any other celebrity home show and you see that they have a home cinema and you get a little pinch of jealousy? Cine Family cures that pinch. Cine Family is like the home cinema you never had. The theater includes a private seating room large enough for the whole fam (or squad) along with drinks and snacks. Laugh as loud as you want, get up and dance along as many times you want, and don’t worry about cleaning up popcorn off the floor when you’re done. Best of both worlds?

  1. Gold Class

Cr: Gold Class CGV Cinemas

Gold Class looks like the cinema hall of presidents. Large plush seats make up the theater and servers come to you offering everything from juices to wine. Never mind ‘leg room’, you’d probably have enough room for your entire family on this one seat. Also, how stunning is that ceiling design?

  1. The Private Cinema

Cr: The Private Cinema

The Private Cinema offers a sky high quality service located on the 11th floor of this Chungdam-dong building. With the option to rent out the entire theater (fits about 40 of your closest friends), users can customize the entire experience – from the location of the screen to the scale and size of the seats. Imagine throwing private parties here – it’ll literally be a night at the movies. (Yes they also roll out a red carpet for you on your request.)

  1. Lotte Charlotte Theater

Cr: Lotte via TimeOut

Whilst there is also a Charlotte Theater which shows many popular musicals, the Lotte Charlotte Theater is strictly a cinema of the VIP type. Where regular cinemas hold around 130 people, this cinema has room for only 30 to 40 guests, as well as a VIP area where you can sip some beer and wine before entering. Once inside you’ll receive a remote control which you’ll need for adjusting your exquisite leather couch. The whole thing is fabulously fussy and reminds us that going to the movies, like in the old glam days, truly is an event. 

Popcorn, anybody? 


h/t: TimeOut Seoul