Shark Puppy Is The Cutest Comic Featuring A Baby Shark Being Clumsy AF

This will warm your heart, no matter how shark-ly cold-blooded you are

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Baby animals are always cute. You can’t fight us on this.

And whilst adult sharks in the wild may make us go ‘ahhh!’, this shark puppy is making us exclaim ALL the ‘awwww’s.

South Korean artists FlaFlo and Vress have created a series of comics featuring an ever-adorable shark puppy named Vress. Depicted wearing a little red collar, the comics show little Vress in many different scenarios from chasing fish just to cuddle them to drowning in a chocolate fountain (in a cute way).

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Of course, many of the comics also feature the adorable shark pup bonding with his human. He plays with him and snuggles up next to him, almost like a little child. And indeed, soon the message becomes clear: sharks are our friends, and they’re (almost) just like us.

Whether it’s on purpose or as a mere by-product, Vress’ comics make an important statement at a time when shark populations are on the decline. Often depicted as evil and necessary to kill, this shark puppy is showing a new side to the big fish in the media. Albeit a small and gentle medium, it’s a beautiful reminder that sharks too have a place in this world, and they are not something our planet should lose.

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From being startled by a toaster to eating too much hot sauce, take a look at some of shark puppy’s adventures below. You’re going to fall in love with the little fin.

All images cr: Vress

Find out more about this adorable shark puppy over on the Vress Team website, and see how you can donate some tuna cans to him.

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