You Won’t Believe This But These Desserts Are Actually Made Of Porcelain

Might make it kind of awkward to bite into…

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Are you in the mood for a sweet snack? Because we’ve got a couple. For your eyes.

Artist Shayna Leib is boggling our minds with her absolutely stunning and convincingly real-looking porcelain desserts. Created in a variety of colours and styles, the artist is making our stomachs rumble and our eyes turn to full-on heart shapes.

In a series entitled ‘Patisserie’, Leib aims to explore dessert as a phenomenon that goes beyond simply being a food. The American artist plays with elements of form and beauty, causing viewers to admire the small porcelain cakes and tarts as something deeper than our tastebuds.

After all, desserts (and don’t lie, we kind of already knew this) are art.

To create her pieces, Leib uses a variety of techniques featuring the core materials of glass and porcelain. Between glass-blowing, hot-sculpting, lampwork, fusing, casting, hand-building, and throwing, it’s definitely a lengthy process. Yet as with any absolutely divine dessert, the result is worth it. And mouthwateringly good-looking.

Gentle placements, an interplay of refined shapes and textures, and the exquisite expression of colour portray the thought and finesse that goes into designing desserts on a plate. Indeed, the saying applies, these swanky desserts really look ‘too good to eat.’

Take a scroll through Leib’s creations below – they’ll definitely put you in the mood for some sugar, and they’ll definitely play tricks on your eyes.

All images cr: Shayna Leib

Which is your fave?