These Sheet Masks Look Like Fruit Slices And We Want Them All Over Our Faces

It’s the sheet mask version of putting cucumbers on your eyes

This article was originally posted on 1st August 2017.

There’s nothing like it after a long, hard day. You’re tired, your eyes are burning, your skin is sagging, and all you want is a cooling, relaxing way to unwind.

Enter these sheet masks.

Korean skincare brand Kocostar has released a line of sheet masks that look like fruit slices. And they’re quite possibly the prettiest thing you could stick all over your face, besides actual fruit slices.

Hello Kiwi!

Of course, we know fruit slices as face masks from countless movies where a wealthy stressed woman flops onto a bed before a beautician covers her eyes with cucumber slices. But cucumber slices can only do so much. And our lives aren’t always a Beverly Hills rom com.

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These sheet mask fruit slices come in a variety of healthy foods, from cucumber and pineapple over to orange and watermelon. They have something of a temporary tattoo. If that tattoo made your skin lighter and brighter afterwards too.

Aimed to target particular problem areas, the beauty slices fight specific skin issues such as dark spots, acne, or dry texture. Through the little fruit slice shape, troubled spots get extra attention and care, and you can customise your facial however you like. You could even mix it up: a breakout here, a wrinkle there, make a fruit salad right on your face.

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This looks so pretty

Sheet masks are as popular as ever, and Kocostar’s fruit selection features all the right beauty trendsetting traits: they’re Korean, and they’re super Instagrammable. Beauty lovers and face mask aficionados have already been quick to post selfies featuring the sleek slices, providing users with a cute photo opp while they wait for the products to work their magic.

Get yours over on Asos or at Topshop for £4 per set, and stay very fruity, and very fashionable.

h/t: PopSugar