You Can Slide From Your Room Straight Into The Sea At This Spectacular Resort

A waterslide takes you from your villa directly into the beautiful sea

Take Me There: 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 8/10

But one new resort literally floating in the Indian Ocean is making us double swoon. And slide. 

Soneva Jani resort in the Maldives consists of a spectacular group of floating villas that sit on the sea, with water slides that run from your room straight into the crystal clear waters beneath them. Like an exclusive and luxe private waterpark. 

Hello beautiful

The good life.

It’s a snazzy cross between beach playground dreams and fancy island dips into a turquoise pool. Except the pool isn’t a pool, it’s the magnificent Indian Ocean. 

I mean, can you imagine the possibilities here? Awkward conversation at dinner? Woops, gotta go! Spot your ex on deck in the distance? Away into the ocean you slide! See your water taxi come to get you for the airport? Slip away and never leave!

This. Is. Freakin’. Awesome.


Also, what an amazing photo opp

However, if sliding into the ocean isn’t quite up your street, the resort also offers other dreamy pastimes. There’s everything from a soothing spa and cosy hammocks for mid-day napping, over to a full-on floating open-air cinema. If reality is better than the movies (it will be, it’s the Maldives), there’s also an observatory where you can wish upon a star and gaze the night skies through the provided telescopes.

At this rate, you’d have to force us down to the slide when it’s time to leave…

Okay wow

Take me here pls

So dreamy

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Slip on over to Soneva Jani’s website to find out more about this floating paradise, and start daydreaming up your perfect holiday in 3…2…1…

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