Sneaker Cupcakes Are The Dopest Cupcakes You’ll See All Day

A must-eat for every shoe lover

Get In My Belly: 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 10/10

If you know somebody who loves sneakers/cupcakes, forward this to them immediately.

Eat Good NYC has created a series of sneaker cupcakes, and they look just as fabulous (if not more) than the real deal.


Featuring anything from Nike and Supreme over to special collaborations like Bally x Swizz, the sweet treats consist of a small cupcake adorned with a mini shoe on top. The colours, the shape, and the impressively real-to-life details make the dainty desserts a truly special dessert for anyone who gets their hands on them.

A bit like owning an exclusive pair of sneakers. Except better. Because you can eat these.

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Got your pair yet? #arteater

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That detail tho

After all, the bakery prides itself on not being New York’s typical cupcake bakery. And from a quick scroll through their Instagram page, this becomes extremely evident. There’s anything from Cara Delevigne’s head recreated on a cupcake over to the throne from Game of Thrones, some Brooks Brothers shirts, and an order of Chipotle.

You know that saying, “you should put that on a t-shirt?” Yeah, it’s like Eat Good NYC decided to put it all on a cupcake. And it’s freakin’ fab.

From retro Air Jordans to the Nike Cortez, take a look at some of these super rad sneaker cupcakes below. It’s going to make you want to get a new pair.

And then eat some cupcakes.

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Happy Birthday @pharrell

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Which is your fave?