These Beautiful Shots Of Snowy Tokyo Will Make You Feel So Dreamy

These are so mesmerising

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It isn’t every day that it snows in Japan’s capital of Tokyo.

Oh, but when it does. <3

Japanese photographer Yuichi Yokota has captured a snowy Tokyo in all its glory, when the city experienced its heaviest snow in 4 years on January 22nd this year.

From temples to busy city scenes, the artist visited some of Tokyo’s most famous spots to take his images, from the bustling area of Shibuya and Shinjuku over to Asakusa (Senso-Ji Temple), and Tokyo Station.

Between rushing commuters and peaceful temple go-ers, Yokota manages to portray a snowy Tokyo in a most beautiful light. There’s a lady bearing a delicate white and pink kimono, sharing an umbrella with a (her?) man. A sea of umbrellas as the snowflakes fall from the white skies. Traditional Japanese lamps big and bright against the gentle flocks of ice. And all in all, movement, life, and winter in the big Asian city in a nutshell.

Take a scroll through some of Yokota’s shots below. Truly, it’s like walking through a dreamy movie set or an anime show in the winter. Except better. Because this is 100% real.

All images cr: Yuichi Yokota

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