To Beat Traffic, Southeast Asia May Be Getting On-Demand Helicopter Rides

“Hang on a sec, let me just Grab/Uber us a Helicopter to get across town for lunch”

Anybody who has been to or lives in a buzzing Southeast Asian city will know that traffic jams are a big and serious issue (Bangkok, we’re looking at you).

There are cars, limousines, vans, buses, bikes, and trucks everrryyywheeere, and travel within the city centre can take a good hour for what would have been a good ten-minute drive.

If only there was a faster, congestion-free way to travel, like, say, helicopter rides. And that too on-demand.

Cr: Grab Indonesia/Instagram

What sounds like a far-fetched dream may soon become a quick smartphone app reality for many Southeast Asians, as ride-hailing operator Grab is looking into providing helicopter rides at the press of your button. Pinch us, please.

Uber’s biggest competitor in the region right now, Grab conducted a limited helicopter-on-demand trial in Indonesia last week. The service was free of charge for the lucky passengers in Jakarta, and consisted of people jetting aboard their ‘GrabHeli.’

Cr: Grab Indonesia/Instagram

Grab Indonesia’s marketing director Mr. Mediko Azwar tells AFP, “we see that the public need is there. There are executives who need to move from one point to another in a short period of time.”

(Not just executives, but excited people who want to get to brunch on time too…)

Think about it. With a quick helicopter ride you could actually make it somewhere by the given time without having to leave home three hours early. You could limit travel time to a few good minutes, and not have to nap in the car so much. You could jet from meeting to meeting, and not have to sneak in awkwardly after arriving 30 minutes into it. The possibilities are endless.

Cr: Grab Indonesia/Instagram

However, we have a feeling our funds will have to be endless too. Whilst Mr. Azwar has not revealed pricing details, we can assume a quick helicopter ride will set you back a neat 3-digit figure. And that’s Dollars and Pounds, not Baht and Ringgit.

But for those who do use helicopters on the reg, services like UberChopper (another potential cropping up) and GrabHeli make for a more affordable and accessible option. Particularly with the rising middle and ever rising upper classes, we can already picture the concept becoming a surefire success. Also, a serious upping of the #TrafficSelfie (#HeliSelfie?) game.

Cr: Grab Indonesia/Instagram

We’ll just need a few more buildings with actual helipads… And preferably one at our home too.

What do you think?

h/t: Mashable