A Starbucks Coffee Bar Is Opening In Japan, Serving Snazzy Coffee Cocktails

A new take on after-work drinks?

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Gone are the days when coffee was merely a morning beverage.

A Starbucks coffee bar is opening in Japan, looking to combine coffee with evenings in the form of a sleek and snazzy bar, known as the ‘Starbucks Reserve’.

Making coffee socially acceptable to drink ALL DAY (goals tbh), the Starbucks coffee bar will not only feature a sleek new interior, but also serve up some boozy additions to their regular menu.

There’ll be everything from ‘Coffee Steep Beer’ over to an ‘Espresso Tonic’, both of which are priced at an apt cocktail price of around USD$7. Cocktails are prepared fresh in front of your eyes (like at a regular Starbucks) by a barista/barman, and you can enjoy them seated at the bar or at small and intimate tables around the establishment.

However, if coffee cocktails aren’t really your thing, the Starbucks coffee bar will also be serving up some sweet desserts. According to Fashion Press, a “Nitro Cold Brew Float” is on the menu, consisting of Nitro cold brew coffee poured into a creamy melting ice cream. Yum.

All images cr: Starbucks Japan

Yet if all these new additions stiiiilll can’t lure you inside (you’re a tough one), Starbucks reassures that besides all the new swanky sides, they will also be serving their skinny latte and icy frapp regulars. Phew.

Looking to open in Osaka on April 1st, we can’t wait to see how this new concept will go down.

What do you think? Would you go for a drink here?