Starbucks Is Releasing Pumpkin Spice Phone Cases Because PSL Season Is Upon Us

If you’re a basic bae and you love this drink you need to get one asap!!!!

Take My Money:  💸📱🎃 💸📱🎃 6/10

If you’re a basic bae and you love all things sweater weather, put down your Starbucks cup for a sec. Because the following may make you spit out your PSL.

Starbucks and trendy fashion/phone accessories retailer Skinnydip are releasing a line of pumpkin spice phone cases. And they’re as glittery, sparkly, and magical as they sound.

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Available in three different designs, the shimmering pumpkin spice phone cases are essential to anyone who considers themselves a TRUE autumn lover. Featuring pumpkins, maple leaves, and that tell-tale Starbucks logo, it’s quite possibly the cutest and the least subtlest way to jump onto the radar of fellow basic baes. And blind anyone who says they miss summer/hate winter with your glitter-doused case.

All images cr: SkinnyDipxStarbucks/Facebook

Priced at £14 each, if you hold the case very, very closely to your ear, you can probably hear the sound of crackling bonfire, warm marshmallows, and the rustling of the leaves this season.

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