This Woman Made A Game To Tell People To Stop Touching Her Natural Hair

‘Hair Nah’ is a fun game with a serious message

#HandsOff: 🙅🏽 🙅🏽 🙅🏽 🙅🏽 🙅🏽 🙅🏽 🙅🏽 🙅🏽 8/10

Don’t mess with this lady’s hair.

Portland-based artist Momo Pixel has released a game called ‘Hair Nah’, designed to hold a fun (albeit serious) message: stop touching her natural hair.

The aim of the game is to assume the role of a black woman who wants to catch a flight to Osaka, Havana or the Santa Monica Pier. However, whilst this holiday sounds lovely, there are a few obstacles – all of which include people unnecessarily wanting to touch and play with the lady’s hair. To win, players have to swat away as many reaching hands as possible, as they come reaching in for that natural hair, so that you can catch the flight and go on holiday in peace.

It sounds like a fun game – and really, it is – but it definitely highlights a greater, underlying issue.

Black women do not like it when you touch their natural hair, especially without consent. Momo Pixel in particular, really does not like it.

Cr: Hair Nah

Yet without sounding too harsh and really just trying to shed light on the situation, Pixel’s charming 8-bit medium is already causing many other women of colour to join the conversation. Since the release of the game, Twitter users took to the social media platform to share their own stories and experiences, and it turns out, Pixel is not alone:

A lesson to be learnt, play Pixel’s game ‘Hair Nah’ online here – you’ll swat like you’ve never swatted before.

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h/t: Mashable