There’s A Stranger Things Bar In Chicago And It Is Eleven Out Of Ten

Inclusive of waffles!

Take Me There: 🎥🥂 🎥🥂 🎥🥂 🎥🥂 8/10

If you’re looking for a way to while away the time until the release of Season 2 this October (!!!), buy a plane ticket to Chicago right now.

A Stranger Things bar has opened in Chicago’s Logan Square, and it features all the perks and quirks from the show that every superfan will recognise/take a selfie with.


Open from August 18th until the end of September this year, “The Upside Down” features everything from themed drinks to a mural of Eleven with a halo of an Eggo waffle (beautiful). 

Upon entering, guests are greeted by chain-link fences, as well as signs for the Hawkins Laboratory. It’s certainly an eerie vibe, and truly feels like walking onto the set.

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Okay this is v cool

Once inside, Christmas lights and Ouiji-board-style lettering adorns the walls, and a cosy-looking sofa welcomes guests inside. There’s also a dinner table (with plates of waffles ofc) as well as an A.V. club sign and a Benny’s Burgers sign.

If you’re looking to catch up on episodes (or get addicted all over again), a projector also projects episodes of the show onto a wall. Perfect.


As for drinks, themed cocktails include anything and everything from ‘Eleven’s Eggo’s’ (bourbon slushie with a waffle wedge) to ‘She’s Our Friend And She’s Crazy’ (tequila, amaretto, lemon, and strawberry).

Quite frankly, the latter sounds like a very cool thing to order at a bar.

Okay, amazing

Open from 5pm to 2am every Wednesday to Friday, the Stranger Things bar will be hosting “occasional musical performances from some very special mystery guests” (amazing), as well as hosting themed 80s dance parties.

Of course, everyone is encouraged to come dressed as show characters.


Time to buy some fake nose bleed blood…

Who’s coming?

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