Can You Tell Whether This Is A Succulent Or A Cake?

Either way, we want them in our gardens and our mouths. 

You’re not going to believe your eyes. 

Artist Ivenoven creates convincingly real succulent cakes that look way too good and green to eat. Almost. 

The Indonesian-based baker (gardener?) extraordinaire creates desserts that look like plants, and we are obsessed with them. Made using a base of butter, sugar, and food colouring, the simple yet oh-so-smooth pieces are true works of art, and feed into the ever-growing trend of collecting succulents. 

Except, they one up a succulent. Because you can eat them. 

Cr: Ivenoven/Facebook

Take a look at some of Ivenoven’s absolutely stunning creations below, we’re sure when you reach the end of them, you’ll be all, “Ugh. Succs.”

(Sorry, I had to.) 

All images cr: Ivenoven/Facebook

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Which succulent (or cake) is your fave?