The Best Way To Keep Warm This Winter Is With This Super Sized Bowl Of Pho

Meet Seattle’s Super Bowl.

Get In My Belly: 🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲 8/10

Deep in the heart of Seattle, beneath the layers of scarves and snowy winds, red noses and hot coffee cups, lies Dong Thap Noodles – home of a super sized bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup. 

Woman vs. Pho

Made up of 3 pounds of noodles, 3 pounds of meat, and 3 litres of broth, the steamy bowl of Southeast Asian goodness is big enough to share between four people. Even though you’ll probably attempt to have it alllll to yourself. 

Ok wow, how,

The traditional rice noodles are made with love and prepared from scratch at the restaurant, requiring four days to make. The broth is made from beef bones and cooks for over 14 hours before being poured over the noodles alongside pork brisket, steak, and Vietnamese meatballs. 

Drooling yet?


The steamy super sized hot super bowl is seven times (seven times!!!) larger than an average bowl of pho, and will keep you cosy and warm this winter pho sho. 

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pho hawks!! 💙💚

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It’s like a soothing bath for your mouth!!!

Mmmmmm… let’s get phocked up?