Latest Supreme Collection Includes Chopsticks And A Sake Set, Because Why Not

There’s also a boxing robe, a cash paper weight, and an inflatable blimp…

Take My Money: 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 5/10

How do you eat your food? With a regular fork and spoon? Or high end enamel street brand chopsticks?

Millennial must-have and New York-based brand Supreme has unveiled its latest collection, and it features, as usual, an entirely random selection of accessories for the everyday trendy man/woman.

Following the success of the previous seasons’ hoodies, money gun, and collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Supreme has now unveiled their Fall/Winter 2017 items. These feature a satin boxing robe, a cash paper weight, wireless speakers, a shovel, and, for some reason, chopsticks and a sake set.

A gentle nod to their fans in Asia?

Sold in a signature-Supreme-red box, the enamel chopsticks come in the trademark bold yet minimalist style the brand is famed for, with the word ‘Supreme’ at the top of each chopstick.

As for the sake set, this comes in white ceramic, featuring a small red banner with the brand logo on each of the two cups and on the sake carafe. It’s quite possibly the coolest way to sip the Japanese rice wine.

However, this isn’t Supreme’s first venture into Asian dining accessories. In their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the brand also released a rice/soup bowl and matching spoon.

And – take this – it completely sold out. Fast.

Whilst no prices have been listed on the website as of yet, we have a feeling the new collection will likely be just as popular when it releases this autumn.

Check out the entire collection and more wacky accessories on the Supreme Fall/Winter 2017 Preview.

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h/t: DesignTaxi