Oh Just A Couple Sushi Cats Dressed Like Sushi Rolls To Brighten Your Day

You need this.

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Cats are cute and all, but you know what’s even cuter? Cats dressed up as sushi.

Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts has created a photo series called Sushi Cats – cats dressed up as sushi rolls in all their adorability as “non-edible, mystic creatures.”

Described as ‘Neko Sushi’, the images feature the elegant felines lying on small rice portions in swanky costumes that resemble common sushi types. From salmon nigiri to lobster rolls, it’s the sweetest form of sushi you won’t want to eat.

However, whilst your initial reaction to the sushi cats may be ‘awwww’, your second should be ‘ahaaa!’, as Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts look to ask further questions with their work. The website probes, “We know the rule of Sushi – fish on top of rice. On the other hand we know the rule cats eat fish. Cats sit on rice, where fish is supposed to be. Why? Contradiction and mystery in this world is always centre of the cryptic [sic] questions among Japanese Zen monks. And this is another Zen questions – Why cats sit on rice instead of fish, not eating them?”

Some ~food~ for thought for your next meditation sesh.

Posing it up in the studio or delicately placed on a plate in natural surroundings, take a scroll through these impeccable sushi cats below. They’ll give you just what you need to get through the day. Whatever that is.

All images cr: Nekozushi/Facebook

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