These Swanky Sneaker Raincoats Will Protect Your Yeezys Whatever The Weather

We all know somebody who needs this…

Admit it. You hate wearing your precious kicks out in rainy, stormy, muddy weather. They’re going to get all wet and soggy and it’ll feel like you spent half a fortune for a ruined pair of shoes.

But what if you could give your shoes tiny customised sneaker raincoats?

A company called Dry Steppers has released a line of waterproof sneaker raincoats to protect expensive shoes and teary-eyed shoe aficionados from anything – be it turbulent weather or drizzle.

For all those who would never actually wear a raincoat on their actual bodies but definitely bend over backwards to pull one over their sneakers, here is the answer to your Puma/Adidas/Nike prayers.

Specifically designed to be worn over shoes, they’re the upscale version of covering your footwear with plastic bags. Except, this is far from plastic bags. This is practically art. (Art that also magically protects that suede/latest Yeezy/brand new NMDs from mundane things like water and snow)

There’s plain and simple versions with a zipper. And then there’s also versions with sneakers drawn onto the sneaker raincoats. I mean, who could ever even tell you were wearing something on top???

The coverups double as pretty fab shoe storage for travel as well as weather protection. However, you will have to carry these sneaker-shaped bags around with you all the time.

Between practical and ridiculous, I think we all know somebody who needs this product. And will love it like Kanye loves Kanye.

All images cr: Dry Steppers

What do you think? Would you wear them?