At This Cafe You Can Get Your Dog As Dog Latte Art, And It Is Fluffin’ Cute

These are so beautiful

So Cute We Can’t Even: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 9/10

We’re all about some creative latte art. And dogs. And now, creative dogs latte art.

That’s right – a very cool coffeeshop in Taiwan is printing people’s dogs onto coffee foam to creative some super sweet dog latte art.

And it is. In two words. Woofin’ adorable.

I mean, can we take a moment to appreciate this pawsome perfection?!

The work of a talented barista named Chang Kuei Fang at Taiwan’s My Cofi cafe, the personalised dog latte art has been bringing a smile to dogs and dog owners, as the coffee artist took to shaping and painting milk foam to recreate the furry cuties.

And boy, did they turn out furry cute.

Featuring real-to-life detailing and spot-on adorability, the creations are actually part of an art exhibition held inside the cafe. And dogs aren’t the only creatures depicted either. Showcasing any pet from cats to parrots to cockroaches, Fang is truly turning the likes of lattes and macchiatos into Instaworthy masterpieces.

I mean, it surely beats the regular old espresso powder heart shape from your local cafe… right?

All images cr: My Cofi/Facebook

Nothing like a cute pupper and a hot cuppa Joe when you’re having a ruff day.

Who wants a sip?

h/t: metro