There’s A Tattoo Vending Machine At This Tattoo Parlour And It’s Very Daring

Possibly a great solution if you’re very indecisive tho

WTF: 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 7/10

It’s a bit like inserting a £1 coin into a vending machine and taking home a bag of Skittles. Except, you insert $100 and take home some permanent ink that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Potato Potata?

A Texas tattoo parlour has unveiled a tattoo vending machine, which allows indecisive customers to leave the design of their tattoo up to the fate of a bubble gum machine.

Wait… what?

That’s right. Elm Street Tattoo is offering customers the chance to snap up a tattoo at the turn of a knob. All they have to do is pay $100, receive a coin, place said coin into an old gumball machine, turn the handle, and receive a tattoo design in a little plastic ball.

It’s like those toy vending machines you used to see as a kid. Except, of course, the adult version.


Because once you receive that tattoo design from the vending machine, it gets very, very serious. With the newly delivered tattoo design in hand, customers go straight to the tattoo chair, and get their new permanent ink on the spot. There’s everything from snakes and skulls over to little devils, as as Elm Street Tattoo describes it, it’s “all classic, all cool.”

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$100 you get what you get. #elmstreettattoo

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You get what you get… 

To be completely honest, the tattoo vending machine comes as quite the saviour to all those who are addicted to getting tattoos, but can never quite settle on a motif. I mean, it’s all the inking fun, minus the painful decision-making.

It may even save you from an embarrassing tattoo you could quite possibly regret.

All classic, all cool”

This way you can always say, “the vending machine made me do it.”

(Also, we have to note here, you are allowed to just say no to the tattoo design you receive too…)

What do you think?

Psst… And if you’re still undecided about your tattoo but want a cheaper way of finding inspo – take this quiz to determine which tattoo you should get!

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