This Artist Uses Teabags As The Canvas For Her Incredible Miniature Paintings

So detailed and so delicate

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If you throw away your teabags after finishing your tea, this will make you think again.

Artist Ruby Silvious is using teabags as the caffeine-y canvas for her paintings, and the images will make you put down your cup in slow-motion awe.

The New York artist reuses teabags to create an array of miniature paintings, featuring incredibly detailed scenes from forest sceneries and fashionistas over to clever contemporary remakes of classical works.

Silvious tells BoredPanda, “The used tea bag is not very attractive. But while you may see a soggy, stained tea bag, I see a blank canvas. The visual diary records my impression of the moment using the tea bag as a medium, altered to create a new work of art every day. I draw, paint and collage moody, evocative and sometimes whimsical art on the used teabag paper.”

And indeed, it’s quite possibly the most thoughtful and creative medium for a diary. For many people, a cup of tea is a vital (VITAL) part of the day, so why not incorporate this into your recording or impression of the day?

Dreamy and delicate, take a scroll through Silvious’ gorgeous work below. You’ll never sip a hot brew the same way again.

All images cr: Ruby Silvious


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h/t: BoredPanda