A Tequila Advent Calendar Exists, So You Can Take A Shot Every Day This December

Take this Christmas with a grain of salt! (and some lime and some tequila)

Take My Money: 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 7/10

We’ve heard of Pringles Advent Calendars and Prosecco advent calendars, but if both of those non-chocolate Christmas countdown snacks seem way too soft/sober for you, come right this way.

A tequila advent calendar exists, and if your ringtone is LMFAO’s song ‘Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots’, it’s the perfect thing for you.

Cr: https://whatgiftoday.tumblr.com/post/14722596832/merry-gifmas-day-12

Made by Drinks by the Dram, the (Christmas-)sprit-filled calendar holds 24 little 30ml bottles of tequila. The specialty spirits come from both artisan and world famous producers, and are varied between ‘expertly-made blancos’ and ‘superbly matured extra añejos,’ with a variety of light to complex tastes.

Really, it sounds like the most sophisticated way to sip tequila every single day this December.

Cr: Drinks by the Dram

Hailing from all across Mexico, the mini bottles make for the perfect shot size, acting as a pretty cool pre-drink for the Christmas parties you’ll be attending this season. Or a very neat drink to cosy up with by the fireplace and a good book. Or a calming slurp for when all the Christmas shopping and duties get a little stressful…

Whatever excuse you may find to sip tequila this season, you can get all the deets and find out how to get your tequila advent calendar over on the Drinks by the Dram website. Priced at £150 each, there’s also whisky, gin, rum, and even absinthe (!!!) versions if tequila isn’t your thing.

Drinks for the next month? Sorted.

After all, what’s Christmas cheer without some ‘cheers!’ and regretting it the morning after, am I right?

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