Are Terrarium Eyes The New Flower Crowns?

If we had to express how we feel about this look in one word, it’d be… Damndelion. 

If you’re one of those people who are a little wonky when it comes to a perfect cat-eye, this may be a bit of challenge. But stay nevertheless – this trend is bloomin’ beautiful.

Terrarium eyes are the latest budding trend sprouting up for all advanced makeup artists and nature lovers alike. 

Okay WOW

Whilst it doesn’t include getting a terrarium and smearing the whole thing all over your eyelids, it does involve quite a lot of pieces, and quite a lot of skill. But boy, are the results amazing. 

How precious is this?

19-year-old makeup artist Ellie Costello is the mastermind (master gardener?) behind this colourful new trend, combining petals and plant parts to make ‘terrarium eyes.’

Costello often uses real flowers in her work, adding to the delicate beauty of her pieces. I mean art. I mean face. I mean eyelids. 

It’s like a painting

It’s nothing for the faint eyeliner-applier as the look requires a steady hand and some serious creativity. However, once finished, you’re a field of flowers and the scent of summer and the beauty of nature personified. 

My wedding bouquet probably wouldn’t be as pretty as this

Probably not totally apt for casual daywear or for the office, we definitely think these would make for some amazing festival looks. Maybe summer parties? Rooftop drinks? Picnic in the park? 

Or just #DoItForTheInsta? 

Delicate simplicity

Whatever the reason, if we had to express how we feel about this look in one word, it’d probably be… Damndelion. 

Goodbye flower crowns, hello terrarium eyes

What do you think?

h/t: Metro