23 Pictures of Thai Floating Markets That’ll Change Your Mind About Shopping

Between fresh food and flowers, this puts regular grocery shopping on a whole new level

Take Me There: 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 10/10

Found most commonly in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, floating markets use the widespread waterways as not only a means of transportation but also for economic activity (and a very cool shopping experience). Pronounced ‘talātnām’ in Thai, float along these beautiful images from some of Thailand’s most famous moving riverside shops, and never look at your local Tesco the same way ever again.

  1. Good morning, welcome to one of Bangkok’s beautiful floating markets

Cr: carrierlost

2. There may be a little traffic, but there’s lot’s to see while you wait

Cr: Dennis Jarvis

3. You know what’s better than Thai fried noodles? Thai fried noodles on a boat.

Cr: chrisbrinleejr

4. There’s motor boats and paddle boats here

Cr: Guillermo Fdez

5. This woman has chosen the paddling option, and is very determined

Cr: karolinagolis

6. The unofficial uniform consists of those bamboo hats. Best pick up one or twenty.

Cr: Dennis Jarvis

7. No idea what this lady is selling but don’t mind taking the lot

Cr: paullukinphotography

8. The freshest bananas you ever did see

Cr: tzekomah

9. Sipping coconut water out of a fresh Thai coconut with a straw whilst sitting in a Thai boat = goals

Cr: makkwanwuey

10. Look at that beautiful produce. (and shoutout to the hats)

Cr: amazing-thailand

11. No really, these bananas are ridiculously fresh.

Cr: world-at-day

12. Look how perfectly everything fits here

Cr: karolinagolis

13. Good morning Thai ladies! What lovely snacks have we here?

Cr: fujifojo

14. Sun’s out, parasols out. #AsianThings

Cr: ohmedusa

15. Seriously, there’s a lot of bananas and mangoes in this post.

Cr: seattlestravels

16. Look how happy this woman is about fruit (me too)

Cr: Tom Hanslien

17. Woah woah woah colours

Cr: divergent-scorpion

18. ‘You give me the lemons and I give you some chicken rice’

Cr: karolinagolis

19. Hey ho rambutan

Cr: raymond101

20. Four for 100 Baht? Deal.

Cr: Kaptah/Flickr

21. The crucial moment when the goods are above the water

Cr: kerrytravel

22. Floating home

Cr: Julie Waller

23. Good night floating market.

Cr: wanderologie-

Thailand? On the bucket list.