Have You Tried Thai Kanom Krok? ‘Cause You Gotta.

C’mon, time for some Kanom.

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We are (coco)nuts for this Southeast Asian snack.

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Whilst amongst its friends this snack goes by ‘Kanom Krok’, it has many other names too. Admirers have named it coconut custard, pudding, hotcake, or even cupcake, yet it’s difficult to give this savoury sweet dessert a name that fairly describes it.

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Shaped like the romantic half moon that shines over the Thai isles in the south, kanom krok is made up of a crispy thin outer layer, with a soft inner coconut layer. It is often both salty and sweet in flavour, because you can in fact, have the best of both worlds. 

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The pillowy babies are made using a very special hot indented pan that looks a bit like the one used for cake pops. Except these are not cake pops. They are coconut pops of exotic desire.

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The preparation actually consists of mixing two batters – a thin one for the crispy goodness on the outside, and a thicker one for the creamy coconut bliss.

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Whilst the key ingredients are coconut milk and rice flour, kanom krok is often topped with a variety of specialty toppings. Popular choices include coconut, crushed peanuts, taro, green onion, or corn. Not only adding spunk and bite to the dessert, these toppings also give the whole thing some beautifully decorating flecks of colour.

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Cr: Elena Rego via FoodPractice

Variations and similar desserts can also be found in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Laos, and Indonesian serabi is also extremely similar.

Turns out, when something is this yum, it tends to get around.

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Who wants a bite?

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