Thailand’s Monkey Beach Is Exactly Where You Need To Be Right Now

Play with the monkeys and forget all your troubles

If there’s one thing better than a tropical island in the sun, it’s a tropical island in the sun with friendly monkeys you can play with. 

Such is Monkey Beach (yes, it’s actually called Monkey Beach) on the island of Koh Phi Phi Don in Thailand, and it is freakin’ fantastic. Bombastic. Baboonbastic. Okay, you get the gist. 

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The idyllic beach features many friendly little monkeys roaming around, going for a swim, and bonding with the tourists. 

They certainly aren’t shy

The happy fellas aren’t shy of humans and often come up to visitors wanting to play. This has undoubtedly made the area an Instagram hotspot, with many monkeys voluntarily posing for selfies, and making for some candidly cute shots. Possibly far cuter than some of your human shots.

Chillin killin’

The monkeys are inhabitants to the mountains next to the shore, and usually visit the beach to find snacks – from fruit, seeds, and crabs over to leftover nibbles from tourists. 

Hi there

And nibbles aren’t the only thing they’ll grab. Whilst little treats are their faves, the sneaky animals are often secretly snatching people’s sunglasses and causing cheeky chases around the beach. 

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Whose mans is this!!?!

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Yum Yums

And when you tire from chasing a monkey that has stolen your new sunglasses… there’s a beautiful beach to explore, coral to discover, and waters to snorkel in. Really, there are worse places you could be right now. 

Monkeys get thirsty too

Who’s coming?

h/t: Metro