The World’s Largest LEGO Store Has Just Opened In London And It Will Make You Dr

Leicester Square is about to get even MORE busy.

If you’ve ever wanted to chill on the Tube with Shakespeare and one of the Queen’s Guards, take a seat.

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With displays made up from almost 2 million famed colourful Lego bricks, Leicester Square is buzzing this morning, as enthusiastic Lego builders and fans welcome the world’s largest Lego store in the British capital. Featuring models of the Elizabeth Tower, the iconic red phone booths, a Royal Mail postbox, and even a London Tube carriage, the excitement, the gasps and the Instagrams are plenty. 

Lego Big Ben spans across two floors

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The 914 square metre store pays true tribute to the Kingdom, including a 1:15 scale model of Big Ben, featuring a working clock that even chimes with true tune at every hour. You’ll notice this when you spend hours and hours in this store.  

Notice the big lights shaped like Legos

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Across the two floors are many stunning Lego displays to admire, which took almost 10,000 hours to create. Sit in the tube and talk literature with Shakspeare, wave hello to the queen, or try to get one of her guards to laugh – the replicas are charmingly English and sure to become every tourist (and non-tourist, you know it) favourite photo opportunity. 

Ring Riiing, Lego has arrived in Londonn!

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Not only a dream come true for the young ones, the store also includes the world’s first Lego Mosaic Maker, allowing you to buy a personalised Lego mosaic portrait. The machine captures a photo before printing out instructions and then producing the bricks needed to build the image. Christmas presents just got reeeally creative. 

If you didn’t know you needed a Lego mosaic of yourself, now you know you do.

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And for those who would rather stick to the classics – do not fear. The walls of this childhood marvel are lined with many Lego series sets, from Star Wars to Friends to LEGO City and Architecture. If you’re too giddy to wait to play with them all at home on the floor, you can also try your hand at the activity station. No no, it won’t be weird that you’re the only one over the age of 10 there. 

Time to get creative.

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Executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Lego Group John Goodwin states, ‘We want to inspire and develop children through creative play experiences – and the store is all about that.’

Even Lego humans tease the Queen’s guards

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That’s right. Leave iPads and Angry and Flappy Birds at the door, and take it back to the old school. Build yourself your dream home, add to the stunning London Lego landscape on the walls, and take the lift after you ‘Mind The Gap’ on the ground floor platform – complete with Lego spiders and Lego dirt. These are the adorable touches making London Leicester Square’s Lego Store a worthy visit for all ages. And since you aren’t at home and it’s not the middle of the night and you’re not barefoot – no fear of stepping on the little buggers. 

I need this on my wall.

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