There’s Going To Be An Italian Food Theme Park And You’ll Want A Pizza This

Pack your best eating pants. 

Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich are the food gods we have to thank for this wonderful creation, which will be called ‘Eataly’ (see what they did there?)

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The 20-acre carbohydrate Disneyland will feature lot’s and lot’s of food as well as an ‘edutainment’ center, teaching visitors all about Italian food. Set in what will look something like a countryside market, the charming park will feature gardens and orchards where the food is made, and adorable rental bikes with which you can travel from breakfast to lunch and then to dinner. Potentially, also work off some of the calories you’ll collect throughout the day. 


If you’re looking for rides at this theme park, besides cheese wheel bowls and wild mushroom ragouts, there will not be any roller coasters. And when you’re feasting on heaps of ricotta and rigatoni anyway, it’s probably better that way. 

Set to open in September 2017 in Bologna, we cannot wait for this burrata bae/parma paradise/fettucine fantasy world. 

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Arrivederci, c u in Eataly. 

h/t: EliteDaily