These Soft Serves Covered In 24K Gold Are The Most Glam Way To Eat Ice Cream

24 Karat Magic in my moouthhh

Have you ever looked at a soft serve and thought, ‘wow, you look boring.’

Me neither. But after seeing these crazy cool ice cream cones, I’m re-thinking soft serve style. 

Traditional milk soft serves are smooth and scrumptious on their own, but featuring a real 24k gold topping? Don’t mind if we do. 

Ok, I’m in love.

A specialty from Kanazawa in Japan, these famous soft serves come with an edible delicate sheet of gold and are sold at so-called ‘Hakuichi’ stores. The city is known for its gold leaf all across the country, and the ice cream is truly a treat for locals and visitors alike. 


The soft serve is made just like any other, with a fragile and fabulous leaf of gold placed very carefully onto the ice cream with the help of special tweezers. 


The soft milk flavour combined with that crispy cone and glamourous topping make for a beautiful snack in your hand and on your Instagram as well as in your belly after you eat seven of them in a row. One cone will usually set you back around $8, but the feeling of holding the most Hollywood glam/dripping gold/treasure chest ice cream in the world? Priceless. 


As for the taste? There’s only one way to find out… 

(But we’re guessing, pretty darn fab.)


24 Karat Magic in my moouuthhhh