These Tiny Food Dishes Are Actually Cookies And We Must Have Them All

Cute and super delicious. 

If you’re short on time and only have a few minutes to gobble down a bowl of ramen/plate of sushi, here’s a handy solution. 

We may have just found the cutest and most fulfilling cookies on the interwebs. 

Instagram user Masako creates the sweetest little snacks with a whole lot of food on them. The sugar cookies feature anything from baskets of tempura and soba noodles, over to sashimi sets, hearty ramen, and eggs Benedict. 

Yums on Yums on Yums

There’s something for every taste and every dream you’ve ever had of eating everything on the menu in one sitting. 

It’s difficult to realise just how tiny these biscuits are because they look incredibly like the real thing. And whilst we’d love to stay to admire their artsy forms, they’re also so drool-worthy we can’t resist taking a bite. 

It’s a tough being both beautiful and delicious. 

Sushi, anyone?

Like a tasting menu for the Japanese-loving cookie monster, what will you be having? 

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h/t: DesignTaxi