These Wallpaper Cakes Are Prettier Than Any Of The Walls In Your House

It’s the classiest way to gobble up an entire cake. 

No? Let me convince you…

There are some wallpapers that are iconic. One of such is the banana leaf pattern of Martinique wallpaper in L.A.’s glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel. Oozing everything old Hollywood and classy glam, you can now get it in cake form, and it is just as gorgeous, and even more so delicious. 

Cr: AlanaJonesMann

Baker Alana Jones-Mann decorates cakes in wallpaper patterns, such as the banana leaf from the Beverly Hills Hotel. The full-wrap print cakes look almost too beautiful to be real, edible food, but we can assure you, a world of good taste lies not only on the outside but also on the inside of this desert.

Cr: AlanaJonesMann

It’s like when someone gives you a gift and the wrapping paper is so nice you don’t want to destroy it but you also really want to know what’s inside… 

In this case, chocolate cake and buttercream. Yum. 

Cr: AlanaJonesMann

If you’re looking to renovate your cake decorating skills, simply wrap a plain white frosted cake with an edible icing sheet, available online at or at If you want to be super trippy and get one that matches your exact wallpaper, you can also email edible printing services a photo of your walls and they can print it out for you. 

Cr: AlanaJonesMann

After all, you want people to know, this cake belongs in my house. 

And in my mouth.

Check out these and many more gorgeous creations on Alana Jones-Mann’s Instagram, or pop on over to see her Marble Tile Cakes, if wallpaper isn’t your thing.

h/t: Delish