This Blogger Owned All Of Her Haters By Printing Their Comments On Toilet Paper

That’s one way to deal with potty-mouths. 

The Internet can be a harsh, harsh space. 

With the anonymity that comes with posting mean comments most people would never say to someone’s face, cyber bullies and trolls are a very real thing. 

For Italian blogger Chiara Nasti the issue is a very true one, yet the InstaFamous internet sensation refused to let trolls disrupt her life. She almost, quite literally, poops on them. 

Like a boss🖤

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Chiara Nasti

With an Instagram following of 1.3 million and counting, Nasti has secured what many bloggers dreamed of – paid sponsorships, beautiful photoshoots, and an overflowing array of faithful followers. However, as for many famous (and non-famous) internet users, people began tweeting her nasty comments, and essentially mobbing her. 

Instead of directly responding to these comments, and possibly further digging an unnecessary hole, Nasti then decided to do something very creative to deal with the haters. She took the high road, and took it straight to the toilet – by printing their awful comments onto some custom toilet paper. 

Pulirsi in modo decente 💩 #forhaters

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Clever idea?

A quite literal way of sticking it to those who were rude to her, the blogger then posted a picture of her personalised roll, with a caption that translates to: “Clean Decently.”

That’s right. Flush that hate. 

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h/t: Mashable