This Boyfriend App Is Specifically Designed To Make Bae A Better BF

It tells him the best places to take you on dates, what to bring, and what to gift you.

In 2017 when we have issues, we have a saying. 

 “There’s an app for that.”

And so if you’re having boyfriend trouble I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but this app ain’t one!

Okay, I’m so sorry. Let me re-begin. 


A hot new app is on the market for everyone who wishes their boyfriend would be a little more romantic/take them on cool dates/give them nice gifts.

The ‘Hero Boyfriend’ is an app that claims it knows ‘how to make your relationship less boring’ by recommending date ideas or events, as well as the ideal presents to buy for bae. Whilst an app that actively tells him not to be such a jerk all the time would be far more fab, let’s just roll with this concept for a sec.

After all, good gifts are the foundation for a healthy relationship. 

Cr: HeroBoyfriend 

Whilst any advice blog will tell you to just ~be yourself~ and if she doesn’t like your wacky gifts and dates maybe she isn’t the wacky one for you, this app is literally telling you a one-size-fits-all short cut to probably/hopefully/apparently impressing your boo. 

I get it, it can be tough sometimes to come up with cool ideas to keep things exciting, but an app? Reeeeaallly?

Cr: HeroBoyfriend

Perhaps if we treat it like Yelp for couples, or Dojo for lovers, it could be a cool way to browse date/gift ideas together. Users choose dates by city and day and date ideas are presented tailored to your partner’s interests and preferences as submitted into the app. There are also little helpful tips like the weather conditions that day, or that there is a lot of alcohol involved. 

It’s certainly an intriguing way to plan, yet raises a couple concerns about modern day relationships. I mean, are our boyfriends really not shaping up well enough? Are gifts and fancy dinners that big of a deal? Also, what about girlfriends?! 

Cr: HeroBoyfriend

The whole thing feels painfully superficial if you take it seriously. Yet anyone who is in a healthy relationship will tell you not to take it all too seriously. I mean, let’s be completely honest here guys, isn’t the real ‘hero’ he/she who can watch endless Netflix under a snuggie with some cheetos all day with their S.O.?

Trick question. Of course it’s them. You don’t need an app to know that.

What do you think? 

h/t: Metro