This Sweet Shop In London Sells Boozy Gummies And It Is All Our Dreams Come True

Wine, cocktail, and prosecco gummies. 

London’s pick and mix sweet shop SugarSin has the answer to all our prayers as we come out of (or pretend to come out of) Dry January. 

Cr: SugarSin

For all those times you wish you had a tablet-sized vodka shot, and for all the times you tried those DIY wine-soaked candies, we can finally hit two birds with one stone and in one bite. 

Cr: SugarSin

The Covent Garden store sells a beautiful cocktail menu of gummies, from sparkling rose prosecco (perfect Vday gift IMHO) to Cuba Libre right on over to a full cocktail gummy hamper. 

Cr: SugarSin

Get them fizzy or classic chewy, in a swanky glass jar or in a pouch for on the go. We have finally found the perfect solution for sneaky boozy snacking. 

Cr: SugarSin

Order your pre-drinks/gummies online or get them at various locations across London, as well as in the original SugarSin store on 1 Russell Street. 

(And be sure to check out their scrumptious non-alcoholic options too. Yknow, for the hangover.)