This Japanese Version Of A Cronut Is Not Only Crunchier But Also Way Cuter

Shaped like a fish, and filled with red bean paste. 

It’s time for a newer, crunchier, croissant-ier hybrid snack, and we think we may have just discovered it. 

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Meet the Croissant Taiyaki. 

It’s a France meets Japan affair. The traditional fish-shaped Japanese cake falls in love and becomes entwined with the French horn-shaped puff pastry. Together they make buttery, airy, crispy half fish half puff desserts, with an outer layer of caramelised sugar, and an inner filling of red bean or green tea paste. 

Pause for swooning. 

Red bean paste, i <3 u 

A growing trend in Japan and Thailand, the adorable snack is becoming more and more popular in the Asian region, with people experimenting with many different fillings, from vanilla custard to ham and cheese. 

Could this be any more perfect?

Wonder how this would taste

It’s a culinary journey in a bite, from the crisp surface through the leafy layers to the warm suave center, and truly puts Cronut in a corner. 

Queuing up for red bean taiyaki 😍 #taiyaki #croissanttaiyaki

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Like an aquarium for my mouth.

Whilst ‘Croissant Taiyaki’ is certainly more of a tongue twister than ‘Cronut’, we know your tongue is going to love the taste of this regardless. 

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Oozing apple goodness

Remember the time when half-asians were all the rage and considered wildly good-looking?

Turns out, the same applies to food. 

Yum yums

Arigato, merci, get in our bellies. 

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