This Mosaic Sushi Trend Encapsulates Everything We Love About Japan

Raw fish and tiny cute designs and huge flavours and lot’s of Insta likes. 

Let us explain. The concept is that teeny tiny pieces of sushi are thoughtfully put together in a square or rectangle shape to create stunning edible patterns and designs. 

Cr: natsuki_717

Sometimes the sushi itself is creatively cut/folded/placed, or other times it is left in it’s natural perfect sushi state. Either way, it is gorge. 

Cr: chinamisakamoto

In our opinion, with this trend the tinier is the better. But then the whole thing just looks almost too good to eat. (I said ‘almost’). 

Cr: azuki_omochi

I feel bad for any other #FoodPorn photo I will ever post because this trumps them ALL. 

Cr: perhotsky

Get in my belly but also, marry me. 

Cr: con418

Is this real life? Yes, this is Japan. 

Cr: bigmom10

As if regular sushi wasn’t minimalist and contemporary cool enough…

Cr: Tastemade Japan

Ah, Japan, how do you do it. Every single time. <3 


h/t: BoredPanda