This Origami Artist Is The Ultimate Gift Wrapping GOD

You’re about to feel really crappy about the way you wrap your gifts. 

This origami is going to make you want to get on that swan and fly away to origami heaven because these origami gift wrapping techniques are insane. 

Shiho Masuda is the mastermind/fingers behind these incredible creations, and has worked as a gift wrapping designer in New York before moving to Hawaii to teach others her craft.

No matter the shape, size or texture – there isn’t a thing Shiho can’t wrap. Adding multiple dimensions and layers to simple boxes, or creating stunning bows in various styles, these origami wrapping techniques truly make for a personalised and special gift.

After all, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. (Especially if your actual gift sucks.)

Follow the ~Paper Guru~ on Youtube and woo all your friends and relatives this Christmas. 

You rn.