This Zara Coat Is So Popular It Has Its Own Instagram Account

It probably has more followers than you too. 

There aren’t many coats that are so famous they have their own Instagram page. And there aren’t many coats that are so famous they have their own Instagram page and cause Zara to restock it due to its popularity. 

Meet the Zara Frayed Printed Coat in Ecru and Blue

Hello Beautiful

I say ‘meet’ but your eyes probably (definitely) already have met this coat. Because this coat has been EVERYWHERE lately. 

A close up of ~that~ coat

Whilst also available in red and white, the ecru and blue version has been one of the most popular high street items in street wear in a long time. So much so that the coat got it’s own Instagram account named @thatcoat.

Hello coat

The account is used to spot and swoon at all the times the coat is worn out on the streets and beyond, and serves as great style inspo if you own one (or dream of owning one). It also serves as a visual reminder of just how viral this piece has gone. 

Two coats taking out cash

Looking at the images, it’s easy to see why the item is proving so loved. The coat is seen styled in many different ways, and it’s versatility is popular with women of all ages. Zara, as always, has done it again. 

So much twinning

Take a scroll through the @thatcoat Instagram page for proof, and if you spot ~the coat~ anywhere, be sure to tag them.  

h/t: Refinery29