12 Tiny Animals That May Look Cute AF, But Are So Much More Than That

Photographer David Yeo is drawing big attention to tiny animals

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How’s your day going? Are you having a good time?

Whatever your answer may be, hold onto your seat/bed, because it’s about to get a whole lot cuter.  And educational.

Award-winning photographer David Yeo is making our hearts squeal with his photographs of teeny tiny animals jus’ hangin’ out on mundane objects.

Entitled ‘Engineered by Nature’, Yeo’s photo series was recently exhibited at the Leica Studio in London, where it already caused much abuzz. Shot on a Leica S, the artist aims to steer focus towards the individual and unique ‘design’ of each of these tiny animals, and, in fact, move away from the notion of micro animals as merely cute additions to our lives.

Photographed against engineered objects, Yeo hopes to draw attention to the existence of tiny animals not only for human ‘aww’s and cuddles, but also as a natural phenomenon. Whilst humans are breeding mini pets, some animals themselves are evolving and turning mini as a means of survival over time. A smaller body size means a smaller need for food and energy, which in essence means that smaller animals are more likely to survive and live through natural occurrences like the Ice Age.

It’s a powerful way of looking at what initially looks like a curious set of images, and it’s a wary warning to treat all our fellow Earth-inhabitants with respect. I mean, they may be smaller than a tennis ball, but they could survive us all.

Probing and informative, take a scroll through Yeo’s photographs below. The animals you’ll encounter are cute AF. But they’re also so much more than that.

All images cr: David Yeo

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h/t: Metro