10 Top Tips For Making Economy Class Feel Like First Class The Next Time You Fly

Fly like the king/queen that you are and always land feeling fresh and fab. 

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This piece was originally posted on 14th February 2017.

We rounded up a couple tips to make economy class feel like first class so you can get off that plane feeling like a million dollars.

Even if it didn’t cost you that much. 

Before The Flight: Pack Like A Prince/Princess

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1. Bring Your Own Pillow (And Blanket Too)

One of the best things about flying First is the comfort of being able to lie down in a seat that reclines flat like a bed. Whilst coach seating is far (very far) from that level of space for sleeping, bringing your own pillow (or even a silky soft blanket, if you have the carry-on space) can really work wonders. Your head won’t fall all over the place, and you can cosy up just as you would at home (well, kind of).

2. Dress Wisely and Make Your Own Vanity Kit (And Gourmet Snacks)

Whilst we admire celebrity airport style, it’s important to be practical when it comes to dressing for a flight. Maintain a balance between comfort and cool, and opt for low-heeled shoes and clothing that is not too tight. If you want to be extra fab and your flight is extra long, you could even bring a pair of pajamas to change in and out of for relaxing and sleeping. 

A key component of the First Class experience is also the little vanity kit. Make your own by using an old (or purchase a new) amenities pouch and fill it up with products to pamper yourself with. You can even opt for more expensive brands in small doses (very cost-effective) to get your excited to use them in flight. If time isn’t an issue, consider buying an indirect flight so you can get up and walk around a bit, but also shop some new products at duty free. Also, foreign gourmet snacks. 

At The Gate: Roll The Red Carpet

Cr: Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich

3. Buy A Lounge Pass

Okay, this requires a bit of an investment, but especially for delayed flights, can be really rewarding. Not all airports are fitted with many shops and entertainment, and if the waiting time is long, it can be really worth it to pass the time in a swanky lounge. With free food, booze, and WiFi you’ll enter the plane feeling a lot less frustrated about your long wait. A lot of lounges also include a spa, so if you’re feeling particularly stressed, massage away. 

4. Hydrate, Moisturise, Prepare

You don’t always need a lounge pass to prepare for a long haul flight though. Sometimes all you need to do is take a couple breaths, and prepare yourself mentally. Listen to your favourite song, and prep your body for the cabin. Whilst you should be drinking water throughout, maybe stock up on a couple water bottles (or fill up a bottle once you’ve made it past security checks), and apply some moisturizer to your face and hands. Planes can dry out your skin so it is definitely advisable to go in well-equipped. Consider it your very own spa and maybe even do a quick face scrub at the gate toilets.

In-Flight Before The Meal: Celeb on Board

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5. Get Comfy

Do what you need to do to get comfortable. Take the items you will be needing out of your bag and keep them under your seat. Take off your shoes and maybe pop on compression socks (they stop your feet and ankles from swelling), tie your hair so it looks luscious once you land, and wipe off any leftover makeup so your skin can breathe. Begin your usual unwinding process as you would at home. In First Class they’re probably handing out moist towelettes and champagne right now, so whip out some fancy ones (or unscented ones spritzed with your fave perfume) and eat a couple pralines. 

6. Make Use Of The Entertainment Centre (Or Make Your Own)

Now is probably the best time to make good use of the entertainment centre, as you want to stay awake (food is coming soon). Watch that hot new movie you heard so much about, or listen to some music. If your flight has no entertainment centre, always come prepared with your own device or a book. Try your hand at creative writing, plan out parts of your trip, or if you’re really desperate for online connections, ask if they have WiFi. It’ll probably come at a cost, but if it makes you happy, you do you boo. The entertainment centre in First Class is likely to be the same, the only difference may be that there are some yummy snacks provided to enjoy it with. Luckily, you shopped a couple cool ones at duty free too.  

In-Flight After The Meal: Beauty Sleep

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7. Pre-Sleeping Pamper and a Do Not Disturb Mask

Look, it’s really important that you get these hours of sleep in. Nobody likes jet lag, and the cabin lights have probably dimmed to indicate it’s time anyway. Get out your vanity kit and head on to the bathroom to pamper yourself before bed. Change into those PJs if you got them, and if you’re particularly daring, pop on a face mask (but be sure it’s a sheet mask, not one of those clay things). Up in Fancy Class, people are pressing those buttons that make their bed all flat and snuggling up in Egyptian cotton duvets, so do the best you can with your carry-on pillow, and get in position. Pop on a cute eye mask for maximum glamour and maximum darkness (also maybe noise-cancelling headphones), and you should be sleeping soundly soon. Also, use a soothing sleep spray such as lavender on your pillow, for extra snooze.  

8. Walk Around (in adorable sleeper socks)

If you just cannot get to sleep, and the darn seat is just driving you insane. Get up. 

If the cabin is dimmed and most people are sleeping, it’s actually a very soothing time to get up and wander down the aisles of the plane. Are the stewardesses nice? Maybe have a chat with them in the galley. Get in some free peanuts and sip some juice and ask them about their jobs. Do some light yoga if there is room and stretch out those limbs. When First Class passengers can’t sleep, they sip chamomile tea in a fine china cup. Now whilst it probably isn’t advisable to bring your own china cup (no judging if you do tho), you can definitely bring your own tea bag if your fave sleepy tea isn’t available. Just ask them to fill up a cup with hot water and sip happily.

Right Before Landing: Ready For My Close Up

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9. Wake Up Properly

Whilst you probably won’t wake up after sufficient hours of sleep, it is important to allow your body to wake up properly (and not too quickly). Massage your eyes, take a couple deep breaths, wash your face and brush your teeth. Continuing your morning routine as you would on land is key to making you feel at ease even when it’s been hours and your Economy Class neighbour has been drooling on your shoulder all night. Apply a facial spray for a refreshing wake-up spritz, and have breakfast. Oh my goodness. Have breakfast. The most important meal of the day is even more important in-flight before landing. Whether you’ve had too many Bloody Mary’s during the night (I saw you in the galley) or you simply feel a little groggy, getting some hot drinks and nutrients in your bod will ensure you don’t faint or puke. If you want some extra vitamins, consider dissolving one of those health capsules in your water, and add a First Class touch to your plain breakfast omelette by perhaps bringing mini bottles of your fave condiments. A cutesy bottle of sriracha goes a long way. 

10. Get Your Glam Squad Together

Okay, you slept through the night (or made some friends) and it’s time to prepare for the big landing. Apply moisturizer to sweeten up that face and maybe a little makeup (I’d say concealer and a touch of blush and gloss should do!), but most importantly, smell good. Whether somebody is picking you up or not, you smell like airplane and like 10 hours in a cabin with a hundred strangers. Smear a little deodorant and spray a light perfume (don’t make others choke with the heavy stuff) or roll an essential oil on your wrists and neck. In First Class they’re probably handing out a nice parting gift such as an orchid or French chocolate. Imitate your own and put on a pretty accessory, and finish that box of pralines. 

Step off your plane in style and let the wind blow your hair like in the movies. 

Let’s face it. It’s not just what you fly. It’s how you fly. 

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