If You Love Tiramisu And You Love Sushi, Check Out This Tiramisushi

It was especially created for Valentine’s Day, and combines sushi rice with chocolate

Get In My Belly: 🍣🍰 🍣🍰  4/10

You know that feeling when you’re in the mood for BOTH Japanese AND Italian food?

Japanese sushi chain Kura Sushi gets it. Japanese sushi chain Kura Sushi understands.

The restaurant has unveiled tiramisushi – a tiramisu sushi hybrid, combining classic Japanese food with an Italian dessert favourite.

No, we aren’t kidding. This is really a thing. Take a look:

Definitely intriguing-looking, tiramisushi was created by Kura Sushi especially for Valentine’s Day. Whilst diners may have normally had sushi first and perhaps tiramisu after, tiramisushi combines the main and the dessert (and the Japanese and the Italian) all in one bite.

The small brown rolls are made up of chocolate pudding cleverly concealed within a layer of Nori seaweed, and surrounded by sushi rice. To snazz it up, the whole thing is then rolled in cocoa powder and topped with whipped mascarpone cheese. It may be a strange pairing, but a press release by Kura Sushi confirms that the sweetness of the chocolate indeed goes very well with the fresh flavour of the vinegar rice.

We’ll take their word for it…

All images via mainichi.jp

Served up as a dessert, Kura Sushi recommends enjoying tiramisushi with a hot cup of the company’s Premium Coffee. It’s perfect for all those who want to have sushi but not fish, or all those who want to have tiramisu but not the traditional way.

Priced at 100yen (approximately US$0.92), get your tiramisushi at any Kura Sushi outlet from 9th to 15th February, and let your tastebuds fall in love like the crazy chef that combined these two flavours.

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