To Everyone Who Read Archie Comics As A Kid, You Gotta See The New TV Series

Our favourite childhood comic is being put to life!

Entitled “Riverdale”, the hot new show will be showcasing all the famous characters from the comics set in current times. 

Cr: Riverdale, The CW, via denofgeek

In a recently released promotional clip, we see Archie with a distracted Betty sitting in a milkshake parlour (of course) as a swanky Veronica approaches the two and asks them if they go to Riverdale. Yes, yes they do, Veronica!!!

We assume the love triangle of these three characters will likely be the central plotline (with some great influence of Jughead ofc), and as Archie Comics has published both a series entitled “Archie Marries Betty” and “Archie Marries Veronica”, we’re excited to see the route the show will take. Sporting a more mature look and vibe as compared to the colourfully goofy comics, perhaps Archie and the gang have grown up together with those that read about them as kids. 

The pilot episode is going to be shown on January 26th 2017 at 8 pm on the CW, and we cannot wait. 

So excited to reunite with you all again. <3