At This Toilet Themed Restaurant, Food Comes In Mini Toilet Bowls And Urinals

Take Me There: 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 8/10

We’re all for themed restaurants, but this may be one of the most absurd themes for a restaurant we have ever come across.

Modern Toilet in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei is a toilet themed restaurant, and they serve their meals up in miniature toilet bowls, urinals, and bidets. Because regular cups and plates? Flush that.

Specialising in a range of foods, the restaurant serves everything from Korean hot pots (no puns there) to bacon spaghetti and grilled chicken. Yet it’s their slippery sloppy sauces and wickedly shaped desserts that really take the cake. Or the poop.

Sure to make your stomach a little queasy before you take a bite, Modern Toilet specifically aims to present food in such a way that’ll have you thinking of the bathroom (in a cute way!). Special crockery aside, diners actually sit and eat their meals on top of glass-covered sinks, with little dung-shaped cupcakes hanging around for decoration, and colourful toilets raising from the ground as chairs. And this aesthetic is pulling customers to the restaurant like wildfire. Or like very hot curry to a toilet bowl.

It is precisely this ~style~ that has proven the toilet themed restaurant to be such a hit amongst millennial and Insta-savvy foodies. Bringing in high points for presentation and quirkiness, people are absolutely loving spooning their desserts out of a massive urinal, or at least, doing it for the Snapchat. As the restaurant puts it, “this humourous spin became a great success.”

A specialty dessert is their ‘Haemorrhoid Ice,” which consists of shaved ice with strawberry syrup, raisins, and assorted jellies and candies. There’s also ‘stuffed brown sugar poop pancakes’ and ‘vanilla and chocolate spiral poop ice cream’ for those looking for a lighter (easier digestible…) bite.

And no – there is no subtly involved here. Everything is designed to look exactly like what the name entails.


All images cr: Modern Toilet/Facebook

In a way truly celebrating our toilets (and err, everything we leave behind there), Modern Toilet pays true homage to our bowels and toilet bowls. The chain now comprises of over ten branches across Taipei, with some even opening abroad.

Certainly a super unique dining experience, here’s one way to ensure you’ll never look at your plates (and your toilets) the same way ever again.

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