Topshop Unveils Completely See Through Pants, For When You Want To Bare All

Maybe wear some underwear under these though… 

It was about time the jeans cutout trend died down. But will Topshop’s latest entirely see-through jeans be the next big thing? 

After causing much hype (and not always the good kind) over their part-denim part-plastic jeans, Topshop is back at it again. However this time, with a whole lot more plastic. 

Topshop has released all-clear pants

Cr: Topshop

The highstreet giant has released a completely transparent pair of trousers, made entirely out of plastic. The ‘MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans’ fit almost like a window to our legs (and err, more) and would surely please all Mums who fear their kids might get wet in the rain. 

Woman wearing transparent pants

Cr: Topshop

Selling at £55, the ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ jeans are suggested by Topshop to be ‘ideal’ as a ‘statement piece’ for festivals or parties. 

They also look kind of ideal for protecting long things from storms or sandy weather, maybe house a little greenhouse, or act as a protective shield while painting with acrylics. 

Transparent pants

Cr: Topshop

Whilst the pair is certainly a statement piece, it does make me wonder a little. Wasn’t the point of wearing long pants that you didn’t have to shave? Does this mean I need to start wearing nicer underwear? Also, you are meant to wear underwear under these right? Right??

One thing is for sure. These jeans are sure to raise many a question, and many an eyebrow, as you strut by. 

Strut the aisle


What do you think?

h/t: Metro