Hot New London Instagram Spot: Tracey Emin Unveils Neon Artwork At St Pancras

Grab your phone and head on over to King’s Cross St. Pancras!

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If your Instagram is looking rather dry these days, head on over to London’s latest most Instagrammable art piece: a neon phrase floating in the sky at King’s Cross St. Pancras.

That’s right – artist Tracey Emin has unveiled new artwork made out of pink neon lights that hang from the ceiling at St. Pancras International station. Part of the Terrace Wires installation program, the floating LED phrase reads, “I want my time with you”, which is a beautiful thought considering the work’s location within a train station.

Cr: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Whether it’s time for one last kiss, time spent together on a coming holiday/commute, or simply time catching up at the station cafe, the cursive words have something soothing and romantic about them, all the while hanging above one of London’s most buzzing stations. And indeed, Tracy Emin confirms that she wanted to make a statement to all the travellers and commuters arriving at St. Pancras. She states, “I cannot think of anything more romantic than being met by someone I love at a train station and as they put their arms around me, I hear them say “I want my time with you.”

Fittingly, the art piece is also located beneath a big clock, and greets passengers as they come up the escalator. With its bright colours, the words stand out amongst the red brick station and kind of have something of a romantic old timer postcard.

Cr: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Warm and welcoming, it feels almost a bit like something straight out of ‘Love Actually’, and if you listen super closely, you could probably hear ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys playing in the background as you arrive or depart from the heart of London.

Of course, you may also hear delayed tube and rescheduled departure announcements, just to keep things real/London.

Definitely thoughtful, definitely touching, and a definitely gorgeous backdrop for all your future ‘grams, we’re loving this new addition of neon lights in the city. Something tells us all our commutes just got a whole lot sweeter. <3

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h/t: Metro