Human Nature: This Artist Imagines Trees As Humans

Wait ’til you see what shoes they’re wearing!

#TreeHugging: 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳   6/10

It’s where humans and nature become one.

French artist Monsieur Plant has created a beautiful art installation named ‘Land Art’, reimagining trees as humans (or humans as trees?), and bringing together the world of people and plants.

‘Land Art’ consists of five creations, aiming to represent the evolution of humans into trees, as a means of merging human and nature. Human nature, so to speak. The five creations represent different stages of this process, ranging from serenity and patience to regeneration, contemplation, and a final meditative state.


Dreamy and poetic, it’s a delicate way to depict our bond with the environment, and convey a message of oneness. Reaching out in familiar poses (and even bearing familiar brandname shoes!), take a look at these images trees as humans below. They’re like a real-life animation, and they look like they’re about to move any second!

trees as humans

All images cr: Florian Galène

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What do you think? Which trees as humans are your fave?