Try To Sing Along To This Song Naming All 270 London Underground Stations

Yep, there’s really 270. 

But just as any Londoner comes to learn after a certain period of living and commuting in the city, there’s a whole huge world outside London’s TFL Zone 1. And there’s a massive tube network in London overall. 

I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve been to Heathrow, so yes, I do know.” But do you really know? Do you really though? 

A group called The Glorious Filibusters is here to prove you wrong by flawlessly and faultlessly (okay maybe they said Chalk Farm twice) not only naming but harmoniously singing (!) all the London Underground stations. It’s pretty epic. 

At such speed and in such a song, I’m just going to… err… revise my knowledge a little more. 

Cr:  Rebecca Hendin